Chapter LX
All groups from the level of Hearth upward should have at least a few basic texts. The ones which are most important for beginning study are marked with an * (just as if they were reconstructed Proto-Germanic forms...). 
Note that Icelandic writers and those who have taken traditional Germanic patronymics are listed by first name, according to Icelandic convention. 
*Aswynn, Freya. Leaves of Yggdrasil. Llewellyn: P.O. Box 64383, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383, telephone (800) THE-MOON. Runic, magical, religious, and very fine. 
Bede, the Venerable. History of the English Church and People. Penguin paperback (see below). Our major written source on Anglo-Saxon paganism. 
Byock, Jesse (tr.). Saga of the Volsungs. University of California Press, 2120 Berkeley Way, Berkeley, CA 94720, telephone (800) 822-6657. Perhaps the greatest saga of our folk and for some reason not published by Viking-Penguin. 
Dauster, Will von (ed.). Mountain Thunder, a beautifully produced Heathen magazine which always had excellent articles and artwork. No longer printing, but back issues and articles can still be ordered. Get them now. All correspondence to Mountain Thunder, 1630 30th St. #266, Boulder, Colorado 80301. 
- Asatru News Service, a small publication/newsletter, same address as above for information/ordering. 
Edred Thorsson. FUTHARK (runic practise), Runelore (runic theory), At the Well of Wyrd (divination). All published by Samuel Weiser, Box 612, York Beach, ME 03910. Also Northern Magic (brief synopsis), 9 Doors of Midgard (Rune-Gild's initiatory course), and *A Book of Troth (brief outline of Troth practise, though somewhat dated as the organization has evolved since its publication), all from Llewellyn. Look for the upcoming *Wicca of the True as well: a fine work which ably collects the scattered material on the Vanic cults, though prone to excessive leaps of imaginative theory at times. 
*Ellis-Davidson, H.R. Gods and Myths of Northern Europe. Viking-Penguin, 375 Hudson St., New York, New York 10014-3657, telephone (800) 331-4624. Basic description of the religion. All of Hilda's works are extremely highly recommended, though you have to watch her on the smaller details sometimes. Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe, which discusses both Germanic and Celtic materials, is also still in print in paperback. University of Syracuse Press, 1600 Jamesville Ave., Syracuse, New York 13244 (800) 365-8929. Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe was just released (1993). Routledge Inc. 29 West 35th St., New York, NY 10001. 
*Gamlinginn. Orðasafn of Gamlinginn.Can be ordered through Idunna or Mountain Thunder. Dictionary of Norse words, religious/magical terms, place-names, persons, events - a vital work. 
Grönbech, Vilhelm. Culture of the Teutons (London: Oxford University Press, 1931). Unfortunately out of print, but can be obtained at your library or through inter-library loan. A huge and immensely detailed tome, explaining the very roots of our ancestral thoughts and beliefs in the beautiful prose of a scholar with true spiritual understanding. 
Hagen, Ann. A Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Food: Processing and Consumption (Anglo-Saxon Books, 25 Malpas Drive. Pinner, Middlesex, England. 1992). This is a handy and accessible paperback reference work for those who want to serve authentic Migration or Viking Age style feasts. You will be surprised at the wide range of foods our forebears had! 
*Hillcourt, William Bill. Official Boy Scout Handbook. This book is a must for any person or group who plans to do any sort of outdoor ritual, teaching both practical techniques for firestarting, camping, and so forth and a responsible, aware attitude towards the environment and one's own actions. 
*Hollander, Lee. The Poetic Edda. University of Texas Press, P.O. Box 7819, Austin, TX 78713-7819, telephone (512) 471-7233. Collection of the religious poems of our ancestors, on which the Prose Edda was more or less based. A new translation by Patricia Terry (1990) is also available, but is just as seriously inaccurate as Hollander's and lacks the beauty of his Germanic-poetic language. University of Pennsylvania Press, Blockley Hall, 418 Service Drive, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104. (800) 445-9880. 
*Kveldulf Gundarsson. Teutonic Magic. (Llewellyn) Magic, culture, religion. A good introduction to the runes. 
*Kveldulf Gundarsson. Teutonic Religion (Llewellyn, summer of 1993). Religion, culture, rituals. 
Simek, Rudolf; Angela Hall, tr. Dictionary of Northern Mythology (Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 1993). A brilliant reference work, the most accessible source for reliable etymology in English, which also gives further bibliography for most entries. 
Simpson, Jacqueline (ed., tr.). Scandinavian Folktales. Viking Penguin, Inc. 40 West 23rd St., New York, NY 10010. 1988. ISBN 0-14-059505-8. 
*Snorri Sturluson; Anthony Faulkes (tr.). Edda. Everyman's Press, Charles E. Tuttle Co, P.O. Box 410, Rutland VT 05207-0410, telephone (800) 526-2778. The Prose Edda, our basic collection of stories. 
Snorri Sturluson; Erling Monsen, A.H. Smith (trs., eds). Heimskringla. Dover Publications, Inc. 180 Varick St., New York, NY 10014. 
*Turville-Petre, E.O.G. Myth and Religion of the North. $66. Basic reference work on the subject in English. Greenwood Publishing Group, P.O. Box 5007, Westport, Connecticut 06881, telephone (203) 226-3571. 
Viking Penguin also publishes translations of the major sagas. The most important ones are Egil's Saga, Grettir's Saga, Eyrbyggja Saga, Njal's Saga. 
I am grateful to Lavrans Reimer-Møller for his work in researching the contact addresses/phone numbers of these publishers, his two-part article on the subject in Mountain Thunder issues 7 and 10, and his permission for allowing me to reproduce this small selection of his materials here. I am also grateful to Will von Dauster, the publisher of Mountain Thunder, for his permission for same and in general for continuing to put out a first-rate magazine (see reference above), and to Gamlinginn for the use of his recommended booklist and contact addresses. 
Three books to avoid at all costs are: Ralph Blum's Book of Runes (and anything else by Blum), Ed Fitch's Rites of Odin, D.J. Conway's Norse Magic. These works are filled with gross misinformation, and have nothing whatsoever to recommend them except that there are real nice pictures in Rites of Odin. 
The library of a Garth should include a few basic primary texts in the original languages, plus necessary supplementary works such as dictionaries. These are: 
Bosworth, Joseph; T.Northcote Toller. An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary and An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary: Supplement. Oxford University Press. Extremely expensive (150 pounds for the dictionary, 95 pounds for the supplement, which is necessary), really only for those seriously focusing on Anglo-Saxon materials. For more casual use, get Clark Hall's Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, University of Toronto Press, 5201 Dufferin St., Downsview M3H5T8, Canada, ISBN 0-8020-6548-1. 
Braune, Wilhelm. Althochdeutsches Lesebuch and Althochdeutsches Grammatik. The former is a collection of all the major Old High German texts, including some interesting charms; the latter is the grammar. You need pretty good German to tackle these books. Max Niemeyer Verlag, Pfrondorfer Str., Postf. 2140, D-7400 Tübingen, Germany. 
Cleasby, Richard; Gudbrand Vigfusson, An Icelandic-English Dictionary. 125 pounds (about $185 at current exchange rate). If necessary, Zoega's Concise Icelandic Dictionary (also from Oxford, 45 pounds) can be used instead, although it is seriously inferior. C-V gives all occurences of each word, usually with context, and makes an attempt (though not always reliable) at etymologizing; Zoega gives only usual meanings. Oxford University Press: 2001 Evans Road, Cary, North Carolina 27513, (916) 677-0977. ISBN 0-19-863103-0. 
Edda Snorra Sturlusonar (3 vols). The best available, containing much textual material not to be found elsewhere, such as 'Skáldatal'. At 500 DM (approx. $375), grossly expensive, but worth it, especially if your Garth is expected to expand into a Hof within the foreseeable future. Otto Zeller, Jahnstr. 15, Postf. 1949, D-4500 Osnabrück, Germany. ISBN 3-535-00101-3 
More reasonably, Anthony Faulkes' Prologue and Gylfaginning and Hattatal (Oxford University Press, 30 pounds each). Clear, useful editions with full glossary and discussion. The third part of the Prose Edda, Skáldskaparmál, is still in production and should be appearing reasonably soon. Warning: Do Not confuse this with Faulkes' Two Versions of Snorra Edda, which is a presentation of a very corrupt early modern manuscript and basically useless unless one actually is a textual scholar focusing on the Prose Edda. 
Klaeber. Beowulf, 3rd ed. Contains good discussion and own glossary. D.C. Heath and Company, 125 Spring St., Lexington, MA 02173. (617) 862-6650. ISBN 066921212-1. 
Mitchell, Bruce; Fred C. Robinson. A Guide to Old English, 5th ed. Contains the major short poems as well as a grammar and some commentary. Blackwell Publishers, 238 Main St., Suite 501, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142. ISBN 0-631-16657-2 
Neckel, Gustav; Hans Kühn. Die Lieder der Codex Regius, 5th ed (1983). Carl Winter, Lutherstr. 59, Postf. 106140, D-6900, Heidelberg, Germany. ISBN 3-533-03081-4. 
A glossary to this work is also available, ISBN 3-533-00559-3, but non-German speakers will want the Beatrice La Farge/John Tucker's Glossary to the Poetic Edda. 75 DM (approx. $50) in hardback, 48 DM in paperback. More extensive than Neckel-Kühn, in any case. Also published by Carl Winter, ISBN 3-533-04540-4 (paperback), 3-533-04541-2 (hardback). 
Tacitus, Cornelius. Agricola, Germania, Dialogus. Loeb Classics Library ed., facing-page translation with discussion. Harvard University Press, 79 Garden St., Cambridge, Mass 02138. (617) 495-2600. ISBN 0-674-99039-0 
Valfells and Cathey, Old Icelandic: An Introductory Course.Better than Gordon, who is pretty inferior in every way. Oxford University Press, in association with the American-Scandinavian Foundation. The address for the latter is P.O. Box 26305, Minneapolis, Minnesota. (612) 545-7669. British ISBN 0-19-811173-8. 
de Vries, Jan. Altnordisches etymologisches Wörterbuch. Best generally available in a commonly-read language. There is no worthwhile etymological dictionary of Old Norse in English, but your Elder-in-training should know or be learning German in any case. E.J. Brill, Oude Rijn 331, NL-2312, HB Leiden, Netherlands. 
Secondary Sources 
Bauschatz, Paul. The Well and the Tree (1982).The book on Wyrd and so forth. University of Massachusetts Press, P.O. Box 429, Amherst, Massachusetts 01004. (413) 545-2219. ISBN 0-87023-352-1. 
Dumézil, Georges; Einar Haugen (tr.). Gods of the Ancient Northmen. Beware of taking Dumézil too seriously, as his desire to prove his theories often leads him to twist data or ignore it altogether. Nevertheless, an important scholar with whom all serious researchers of the Northern way should be familiar, whether you agree with him or not. University of California Press, 2120 Berkeley Way, Berkeley, CA 94720. (800) 822-6657. 
Eliade, Mircea. Rites and Symbols of Initiation (paperback, $11). Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc., 10 East 53rd St., New York, NY, 10022. ISBN 0-06-131236-3. 
Flowers, Stephen. Sigurdhr: Rebirth and Initiation. Dr. Flowers' M.A. thesis, a major work on Germanic soul/rebirth concepts. Can be ordered through the Troth or the Rune-Gild. 
Grahm-Campbell, James. The Viking World. Windward (under W.H. Smith & Son, Ltd.), St. John's House, East Street, Leicester LE1 6NE. ISBN 0-7112-0571-X. Probably has an American printing as well. 
Grimm, Jacob; James Stallybrass (tr.) Teutonic Mythology (4 vols). Peter Smith Publishing, 5 Lexington Ave., Magnolia, MA 01930, (508) 525-3562. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to gods or humans, the publisher sold out of volume IV first. 1-3 are still worth having, but keep a keen eye out in used bookstores for number 4. The Dover paperback ed. is out of print. This is the book for folklore and general correlations between folklore & myth. Many of Grimm's interpretations are way out of date, but this collection is massively full of material that you just won't find elsewhere. 
Jónas Kristjánsson; Peter Foote (tr.). Eddas and Sagas. Reykjavík: Hið íslenska bókmenntafélag, 1988. This book discusses the origins and dating of the Eddas and Sagas, in general and in particular, and the process of their development. An important reference. 
Jones, Gwyn. A History of the Vikings. Oxford University Press. 
Nýlen, Erik; Jan-Peder Lamm. Stones, Ships, and Symbols. Basic commentary and photos of the major Gotlandic picture stones (see ref. to Gotlands Bildsteine below). Gidlunds Bokforläg, Karlsviksgt. 16, Box 12016, S-112 41 Stockholm. ISBN 91-7844-116-1. 
Ström, Åke; Haralds Biezais. Germanische und Baltische Religion. Verlag W. Kohlhammer. Heßbrühl Str. 69, Postf. 800430, D-7000, Stuttgart 80, Germany. ISBN 3-17-001157-X.
Steinsland, Gro. Det hellige Bryllup og norrøn kongeideologi. Dano-Norwegian. Solum Forlag, Åsun 5, N-1324, Lysaker, Norway. ISBN 82-560-0764-8. Also, Words and Objects, in English, distributed worldwide by Oxford University Press. ISBN 82-00-007751-9. 
de Vries, Jan. Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte (2 vols). Best overall view of the religion. Walter deGruyter, Gerthiner Str. 13, 1 Postf. 110240, D-1000 Berlin 30. Be apprised that Walter deGruyter also has a branch in America, which may be easier to contact (ask at your local bookstore). 
Wilson, David. Anglo-Saxon Paganism (1992). Routledge: 29 West 35th Street, New York, NY 10001. A really brilliant collection, mostly of archaeological evidence, which tries to present Anglo-Saxon Heathendom without relying too heavily on an Old Norse interpretation. 
Finally, at Garth level, you should be thinking about collecting Old Norse editions of the sagas in addition to your extensive Penguin collection of translations. The recommended eds are published by Hið íslenzka fornritafélag as the "Íslenzk fornrit" series. These books are available through Schoenhof's Foreign Books, Inc., 76A Mount Auburn St., Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A. They can also be ordered from Eymundsson, Austurstræti 18, Reykjavík, Iceland. The most important ones for our purposes are #4, Eyrbyggja saga (contains much religious and spooky material), #1, Landnámabók, and the first volume of Heimskringla which contains Ynglinga saga. From reading in translation, you should already have a pretty good idea of which others are most important to your garth. 
Out of Print
Sadly, some of the books your Garth is likely to need are no longer in print. Life is tough...If you don't have good book-search opportunities, order them through inter-library loan, remembering that photocopying of whole books is illegal even if they are out of print and doing so will not rip off either the publisher or the author - and don't do anything Óðinn wouldn't do.
Corpus Poeticum Boreale (eds. Vigfusson & Powell). Collection of skaldic poetry. The edition and translation are less than the best, but the translation is into English. The favourite collection is Finnur Jónsson's Den Norsk-islandske skjaldedigtning (4 vols), which is the standard edition used by all scholars, with both semi-diplomatic and normalized texts, and good translations - into Danish. The 1973 photographic reprint from Rosenkilde & Bagger may possibly still be in print. Rosenkilde & Bagger, Kronprinseng. 3, POB 2184, DK 1017, København. 
Branston, Brian. Gods of the North (London: Thames & Hudson, 1955). A far-reaching, though rather over-imaginative, discussion of Norse mythology. 
Ellis, H.R. The Road to Hel (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1943; rep. Greenwood Press, 1977). Major work on Germanic afterlife concepts. 
Finnur Jónsson. Lexicon Poeticum (Copenhagen: Atlas Bogtryck, 1966). Glossary of poetic Old Norse, with all occurrences of every word, including names. In Danish. 
Flowers, Stephen. Runes and Magic. Flowers' Ph.D. thesis, probably the best work ever written by him. The Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. 1986 edition is out of print, but the original thesis is currently available from University Microfilms ($55 soft-bound, $66.50 hard-bound: 300 Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48106 1346 (1-800-521-3042). May be republished by Runa-Raven Press within the next couple of years. 
Helm, Karl. Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte (Carl Winters Universitätsbuchhandlung: Heidelberg, 1953). Slightly dated, but respectable. Particularly useful in that it separates the religons of Germanic peoples by their three main branches (North, East, and West). 
Lindqvist, Sune. Gotlands Bildsteine (Uppsala: Almqvists & Wicksells Bogtryckerei, 1941) 2 vol. collection of pictures and extensive commentary on the picture-stones of Gotland, one of our major sources on Viking Age religion. The grown-up version of Stones, Ships, and Symbols. 
Meissner, Rudolf. Die Kenningar der Skalden (Bonn: Kurt Schroeder, 1921). A collection and categorization of all skaldic kennings, with commentary. 
Musset, Lucien; Edward and Columba James, trs. The Germanic Invasions: The Making of Europe, AD 400-600 (University Park: 1975) Basic text on Migration Age history. 
Owen, Gale R. Rites and Religions of the Anglo-Saxons (Dorset Press, 1985) Not overwhelmingly wonderful, but does collect all the major evidence in a single place. 
Philpotts, Bertha S. The Elder Edda and Ancient Scandinavian Drama (Cambridge: University Press, 1920). An excellent reference work on the possible use of Eddic poems as bases for holy folk-dramas. Some of her examples are less convincing than others in regards to historical usage, but the whole provides a good guide for modern practise. 
Saxo Grammaticus. History of the Danes (Gesta Danorum, also called The Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus). Several translations have been made into English, none of which is outstandingly better than the others; Oliver Elton's 1894 (London: David Nutt) is as good as any. Long-winded and often heavily christian, but contains a great deal of material which cannot be found elsewhere, as well as important variants on Eddic myths. 
Storms, Dr. G. Anglo-Saxon Magic (The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 1948). Complete texts of charm spells, facing-page translation, extensive discussion. 
Ström, Folke. Diser, Nornor, Valkyrior: Fruktbarhetskult och sakralt Kungadöme i Norden (Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell, 1954). In Swedish. Female wights and fertility cults. Some strange ideas, but really useful and interesting. 
Strömbäck, Dag. Sejd (Lund: Carl Bloms Bogtrykkerei, 1935). The major work on Seiðr. Swedish. As you might expect. 
At the same time, it is also time for you to begin collecting articles from periodicals. None of us can yet afford to buy whole collections. However, it is legal to copy no more than 1 article from any given issue - see above caution. 
A few of the major periodicals to look out for are:
Saga-Book of the Viking Society 
Fornvännen (archaeological, much religious material, often with English articles as well as Scandinavian) 
FFC (Folklore Fellowship Communications) 
Frühmittelalterliche Studien 
Scandinavian Studies. 
Viking (be warned - most articles in Scandinavian languages, though often with English summaries) 
Our Troth Book-Hoard
Those books which are only listed by writer and title here have full bibliography given in one of the lists above. 
This is not a reading-list, so do not be daunted. This is a list of all the works that are referred to in this book, for those who have a need to check references or do further research in a particular area. Those who do not have such needs may safely ignore this list. 
Articles from Mountain Thunder and Idunna which have been substantially used, in whole and in part, in this book, are not listed here, as full references are given in the chapters in which they appear. 
Ahlbäck, Tore (ed.). Old Norse and Finnish Religions and Cultic Place-Names (Åbo: Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History, 1987). 
Alice Karlsdóttir. "Njörðr and Skaði: The Marriage of Light and Darkness". Mountain Thunder 7, Yule 1992. 
Almgren, Bertil. The Viking (New York: Crescent Books, 1975). 
Andersson, Aron; Ingmar Jansson. Treasures of Early Sweden (Uppsala: Almqvist & Wiksell, 1984). 
Asatru Free Church Committee, "The Nature of Odin", in The Religion of Odin. 
Aswynn, Freya. Leaves of Yggdrasil. 
Árni Björnsson. Jól á Íslandi (Reykjavík: Ísafoldarprentsmiðja, 1963). 
Ásgeirr Blondal Magnusson. Íslensk Orðsifjabók (Reykjavík: Orðabók Háskolans, 1989). 
Baetke, Walter. Das Heilige im Germanischen (Tübingen: Verlag von J.C.B. Mohr, 1942). 
Barber, Paul. Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1988). 
Barthi Guthmundsson; Lee Hollander, tr. The Origin of the Icelanders (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1967). 
Bauschatz, Paul. The Well and the Tree. 
Bede, Ecclesiastical History of the English People. 
Benoit, F. "Mars et Mercure". Publication des Annales de la Faculté des Lettres Aix-en-Provence 26 (1959), 5-199. 
Bibire, Paul, in Sagaskemmtun: Studies in Honour of Hermann Pálsson, ed. R. Simek, Jónas Kristjánsson, & Hans Bekker-Nielsen (Vienna: Herman Böhlaus, 1986), pp. 19-40). 
Blubok, Shirley. The Art of the Vikings (New York: Macmillan, 1978). 
Bosley, Keith (tr.). The Kalevala (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1991). 
Brady, Caroline. The Legends of Ermanarik (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1943). 
Braune, Wilhelm. Althochdeutsches Grammatik.
- Althochdeutsches Lesebuch.
Branston, Brian. Gods of the North. 
- Lost Gods of England (London: Thames & Hudson, 1957).
Brody, Alan. The English Mummers and their Plays: Traces of Ancient Mystery (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1970). 
Bruce-Mitford, Rupert; Angela Care-Evans, ed. The Sutton Hoo Ship-Burial, 3 vols. in 4 (London: British Museum Publications, Inc., 1975-83). 
Bruder, Reinhold. Die germanische Frau im Lichte der Runeninschriften und der antiken Historiographie (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 1974). 
Buckley, Thomas; Alma Gottlieb (eds.). Blood Magic: The Anthropology of Menstruation (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1988). 
Budge, E.A. Wallace. The Gods of the Egyptians, I. (New York: Dover Press, 1969). 
Burns, Thomas. A History of the Ostrogoths (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1984). 
Cæsar, Julius; S.A. Handford, tr. The Conquest of Gaul (Penguin Books, 1982). 
Chambers, R.W., Beowulf. 
Chadwick, H.M., The Cult of Othin (London, 1899). 
Chisholm, James. "Art in the Hearth", Idunna, August 1991, pp. 23-25. 
- (tr., ed.). Grove and Gallows (Austin: Rune-Gild, 1987). 
Christian, Roy. Country Life Book of Old English Customs (London: Country Life, Ltd., 1966). 
Christiansen, Arne Emil; Anne Stine Ingstad, Bjørn Myhre. Oseberg-dronningens grav (Oslo: Chr. Schibsteds Forlag, 1992). Note - in Norwegian, but great pictures of all the woodcarvings from the Oseberg grave, useful to anyone interested in Viking Age art and especially woodcarving, whether they read Norwegian or not. 
Christiansen, Reidar Th. "The Dead and the Living", Studia Norvegica 2 (1946), pp. 3-96. 
Coles, J.M.; A.F. Harding. The Bronze Age in Europe(New York: St. Martin's Press, 1979). 
Conquergood, Dwight. "Boasting in Anglo-Saxon England, Performance, and the Heroic Ethos". Literature and Performance, vol. I, April 1991, pp. 24-35. 
- "Performance in Anglo-Saxon Pre-christian England", Text and Performance Quarterly. 
Cunningham, Scott. Magical Herbalism (St. Paul: Llewellyn, 1982). 
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Daniélou, Alain. - The Gods of India (New York: Inner Traditions International, 1985) 
- The Myths and Gods of India (Rochester: Inner Traditions International, 1991). 
Dauster, Will von. "How Can You Believe That Junk? An Essay for the Modern Pagan". Mountain Thunder #4, Spring Equinox 1992. 
Davidson, H.R. Ellis. Gods and Myths of Northern Europe 
-The Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe. 
- Myth and Symbol in Pagan Europe 
- Pagan Scandinavia (New York: Praeger, 1967) 
Drake-Carnell, Old English Customs and Ceremonies (London: B.T. Batsford, Ltd., 1938). 
Dumézil, Georges. Gods of the Ancient Northmen. 
- Mitra-Varuna: An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Soverignty (New York: Zone Books, 1988). 
Edred Thorsson. - A Book of Troth. 
- Runelore. 
- "A Short History of the Revival of the Troth", Idunna II, iv, July 1990, pp. 1-8. 
Magnús Einarsson. Icelandic-Canadian Memory Lore (Quebec: Canadian Museum of Civilization, 1992). 
Eliade, Mircea. Rites and Symbols of Initiation. 
Ellis, H.R. (HRED before her marriage). The Road to Hel. 
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Finnur Jónsson, Den norsk-islandske Skjaldedigtning. 
Flateyjarbók, 3 vols (Christiana: P.T. Malling, 1862). 
Fleck, Jere. Unpublished notes for class in "The Viking Era". College Park, MD; transcribed by Helgi Dagsson. 
Flowers, Stephen E. Runes and Magic. 
- Sigurðr: Rebirth and Initiation 
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- The Mound People. 
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- The Sun-Gods of Ancient Europe (London: B.T. Batsford Ltd., 1991). 
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Grimm, Jakob. Teutonic Mythology, 4 vols. 
Grundy, Stephan. The Cult of Óðinn: God of Death? Ph.D. thesis in progress. 
- "Frigg and Freyja". First International Goddess Conference, ed. by H.R. Ellis-Davidson. Forthcoming from Routledge in 1994-95 (note: title of the published book is still subject to change at the moment). 
- Rhinegold (fiction; Bantam [US], Michael Joseph [UK], 1994) 
Guerber, H.A. Myths of Northern Lands (New York: American Book Co., 1923). 
Gurevich, Aaron. Historical Anthropology of the Middle Ages, ed. by Jana Howlett (Cambridge: Polity Press, 1992). 
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- "Fünens besonderer Anteil an den Bildinhalten der völkerwanderungszeitlichen Brakteaten", Frühmittelalterliche Studien 26 (1992), pp. 106-148. 
- Die Goldbrakteaten der Völkerwanderungszeit, 7 vols. (Munich: Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 1985-89). 
Hauglid, Roar. Norwegian Stave Churches (Oslo: Dreyers Forlag, 1990). 
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