Chapter LVIII
Organizations and Resources
Ring of Troth - P.O. Box 25637, Tempe, AZ 85285-5637. Membership is $24/year and includes a quarterly subscription to Idunna, as well as access to all of the Troth's spiritual resources, networking groups (Rune Ring, Ring of Web), and training programmes.
International Sauna Society 
General Secretariat 
SF - 00200 Helsinki 20 
Rakennuskirja Oy (Puclisher for the Building Information Institute's RT sheets on sauna planning and construction 
P.O.B. 1004 
SF - 00101 
Helsinki, Finland.
(The pamphlets Konya recommends are RT513.14 [Sauna stove, Top Burning Heating Capacity 18,000...48,000 kcal], RT 513.15 [Sauna stove, Top Burning Heating Capacity 35,000...100,000 kcal], RT913.501 [Sauna Planning], RT913.516 [Sauna Platforms, Wood Frames], RT913.517 [Sauna Platforms, Steel Frames], and RT913.521 [Sauna, Elements of Construction])
Raven Kindred - a small, active, independent group, which puts out the Raven Kindred Ritual Book. Strongly non-racist, otherwise tending to a slightly conservative form of Ásatrú. Copies of Raven Kindred Ritual Book can be ordered from the Raven Kindred, 11160 Veirs Mill Rd. l15-175, Wheaten, MD 20902. $5.
Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) - A large international group devoted to the furthering of mediæval crafts, skills, and general re-creation, with some study of history - their stated ideal is to revive the best aspects of the Middle Ages, while leaving the miserable parts of that period behind. As the name suggests, they are not really an historical reconstruction group and allow considerable latitude in regard to details, though individual members may sometimes keep up quite a high standard of personal historical consistency. They are not to be compared to the strict reconstruction groups of Britain and Europe, who are advised to check every detail of their costumes and gear carefully, as real archaeologists often wander through events and will know if something is out of period (and who even go so far as to light their campfires with flint and steel). 
The SCA is a very valuable resource in terms of buying weapons, handcrafts, jewelry, and other such items. They are also extremely valuable as a source of advice for planning bigger feasts, as they have been doing large-scale mediæval events successfully for over twenty-five years now. There are differing opinions on the value of their fighting techniques (rattan weapons wrapped with duct tape), but they are certainly more realistic than those of the British/European groups who use blunted steel and must therefore be immensely careful (head shots are not allowed, for instance). 
The SCA must, however, be approached with great caution by Heathens. Many of its folk are Heathen or Pagan, but many are christians or non-believers playing at being Heathen or Pagan during the time they are in persona. Just because an SCAer wears a Þórr's Hammer or shouts, "Hail Odin!" at a feast does not mean that s/he will not freak out when s/he discovers that you take Heathenism seriously. This has happened a number of times, sometimes with serious trauma to both sides. As any very large and diverse organization does, the SCA includes groups and individuals that are very fine and helpful, and also groups and individuals with whom one would not wish to associate. Care is called for.
Ordering information for various things:
Asatru News Service - general newsletter detailing goings-on in the whole Asatru community. Can be ordered from 1630 30th St. #266, Boulder, Colorado 80301. Ed. by Will von Dauster, of the late lamented Mountain Thunder.
Gefjon's Arðr (drinking horns, clothing of natural fibres and leather, deer and elk antler points and staves, icons in oil or acrylics, on wood or canvas, skull and bone mandalas, hand-carved wooden blót-bowls, staffs, and staves). P.O. Box 85, Silver City, NM 88062.
Germanic Costume from the Early Iron Age to the Viking Age (Greyhaven Costume Series #3), by Diana L. Paxson. Full treatise, with documentation and directions on making. Greyhaven, Box 472, Berkeley, CA 94701, U.S.A. $10. 
Hvað er svo glatt - book of Icelandic folksongs, arr. for voice and piano. Tónlistarbandalag Íslands, Pósthólf 5421, 125 Reykjavík, Iceland. Telephone 91-678255.
Mountain Thunder, back issues and reprinted articles - see "Asatru News Service". 
Ragnarok - Metaphysical book/gift store specializing in Asatru and Celtic books, jewelry, and sundry things, mail-order catalogue available for $3. 7162 Melrose, Los Angeles, CA 90046, (213) 965-1726.
Runa-Raven - Books, audio-tapes, manuscripts, tools for rune-galdor (staves, knives, tines). For catalogue, send SASE to Runa-Raven, P.O. Box 180931, Austin, TX 78718.
Théod - journal of Anglo-Saxon Theodish Belief. Quarterly, $15.00/year. Theod, dept i, P.O. Box 8062, Watertown, NY 13601
Yggdrasil - small journal put out by Steerswoman Prudence Priest. Quarterly; year's subscription $6 in States & Canada, $8 abroad. Checks to Freya's Folk, 537 Jones St. #165, San Francisco, CA 94102.

The Troth/Ásatrú computer/e-mail network, modulated by Grendel Grettison and open to all interested folk. The address is sometimes subject to change, but information can always be gotten from Grendel, c/o Barnstokker Hearth, P.O. Box 1972, Seattle, Washington 98111. Grendel is also the Washington area Steward.
The list of Stewards is ever-growing, so it was thought rather pointless to include it in this book. New Steward-candidates are always printed in Idunna. For the contact address of the Steward in your area, write to the Wordsmith c/o the Ring of Troth.