Our Troth
What is the Elder Troth?
Roots of the Troth: The History of the Germanic Folks
Chapter I: The Indo-Europeans 
Chapter II The Stone Age 9000 B.C.E. - 1800 B.C.E.
Chapter III The Bronze Age: 1800-500 B.C.E.
Chapter IV The Celtic and Roman Iron Ages: 500 B.C.E. - 350 C.E.
Chapter V The Migration and Vendel Ages 350-792 C.E.
Chapter VI The Viking Age 792-1066
Chapter VII The Rebirth 1150 C.E. - onwards!
Trust of the Troth: The God/esses and Wights of the North
Chapter VIII The God/esses of the Troth
Chapter IX Tiw and Zisa (Týr, *Tiwaz, Tius; Tisa, *Týa, *Tiwon)
Chapter X Wodan (Óðinn, Woden, Wotan, *Wodans, *Woðanaz)
Chapter XI Loki
Chapter XII Balder (Baldr, Bealdor)
Chapter XIII Frija and Other Goddesses
Chapter XIV Thonar (Þórr, Thunar, Donar, Donner, *Thonaraz) 
Chapter XV Wulþur, Heimdallr, and Other Gods
Chapter XVI Nerthus and Njörðr
Chapter XVII Fro Ing (Freyr, Engus, *Fraujaz Ingwaz)
Chapter XVIII The Frowe (Freyja)
Chapter XIX Skaði, Gerðr, Earth, and other Etin-Brides
Chapter XX Idises (dísir)
Chapter XXI Walkurjas (Valkyrjur, walkyriges, valkyries)
Chapter XXII Alfs, Dwarves, Land-Wights, and Huldfolk
Chapter XXIII House-Ghosts
Chapter XXIV Etins, Rises, Thurses, Trolls, and Muspilli
True Being: Thought, Life, Soul, and Afterlife
Chapter XXV The Nine Worlds: Their Shaping and End
Chapter XXVI Soul, Death, and Rebirth
Chapter XXVII Troth and the Folk
Chapter XXVIII Troth and Heritage
Troth Law: How the Troth is Built
Chapter XXX Hearths and Garths
Chapter XXXI The Troth Hof
Chapter XXXII Elders and Godwo/men
Chapter XXXIII Under the Law: Rights, Choices, and Dangers
Living True: the Worship and Rites of the Troth
Chapter XXXIV Ways of Worship
Chapter XXXV Writing and Working Rites
Chapter XXXVI Ritual, Religion, and Theatre
Chapter XXXVII Working Rites and Holding Feasts
Chapter XXXVIII Rituals of Need
Chapter XXXIX Symbel (Sumbel)
Chapter XL Sauna
Chapter XLI Birth
Chapter XLII Man-Making
Chapter XLIII Woman-Making
Chapter XLIV Marriage
Chapter XLV Burial Rites
Chapter XLVI Holy Feasts 
Chapter XLVII Yule
Chapter XLVIII Feast of Thonar (Þorrablót)
Chapter XLIX Idis-Þing
Chapter L Ostara (Eostre)
Chapter LI Waluburg's Night
Chapter LII Midsummer
Chapter LIII Loaf-Fest (Freyfaxi)
Chapter LIV Winter-Nights (Alf-Blessing, Idis-Blessing, Frey-Blessing)
True Lore: Crafts and Lists of the Troth
Chapter LV Some Crafts of the North 
Chapter LVI Things, Signs, and their Meanings
Chapter LVII The Banner of the Troth
Chapter LVIII Organizations and Resources
Chapter LIX Word-Hoard
Chapter LX Book-Hoard

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